this will take you to a whole new world

You Know if you can’t be truthful to someone and they ask us this pretty and if you say no they get all mad. Is better to lie to them? They walk around with a bad hair. I don’t get it if you don’t want anyone to say it doesn’t look good don’t say anything about it. If you work really hard on it and then your boss doesn’t like it. Are you just going to keep on quitting until you have a boss that lies to you. If people don’t say they don’t like it. You won’t learn or grow. You will just stay in one place and you won’t move. When it is on you like act like why are you getting mad and I didn’t ask but i don’t get mad. It is annoying when someone thinks they look good in everything. Hair color all clothes all. That just make you full of yourself so one someone says they don’t like it is because of that. They are full of there self



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