this will take you to a whole new world

why do bad things happen to good people?

What do you get to make someone fell like they are worthless. does it make you feel strong? does it make you feel better than the other person? I think to other people it makes you look weaker than if you didn’t put people down. do you like being the bully of your work? everyone one hates you. they are afraid but inside they know you just you aren’t better. if it makes you feel better you are sick. Sometimes you push it to far but you should now then to stop. Remember your partner in work. do you know where she is. you should because you put her in the place she is now. That’s right she is in the hospital. You put her there. how does that make you feel? happy or sad or feeling bad of what you did. That girl you put in the hospital has kids and a husband. you just don’t know what you do that will effect other people. that girl you almost killed was sweet and nice. why does she deserve that? she doesn’t but why did it happen then? you don’t know how far words can take you. words can be more painful than physical pain.


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