this will take you to a whole new world

Tell will time doesn’t tell you everything. It doesn’t count for everything It is just numbers. Really time is when everyone agrees On the time. All i am saying time doesn’t matter. People used to live with out knowing the time. Just because you have done something the longest doesn’t mean you are the best. someone is always better than you. You don’t need time to be the greatest. you just love what you do. Hard work just doesn’t go out to anyone. Friends are not just time. Just because you have known someone the longest doesn’t mean the person is your best friend. Time will tell if the person will fight for you not define friendship.Time shows nothing if they don’t treat you right and if you don’t treat yourself right. I hate when people say “she is my best friend because i have known her the longest.” if that is what they think a friendship is. Then they don’t know what friendship is.They will have to figure out who is there real friends. I am still figuring that out but when you find that special friend never let her go. Some learn some don’t but one day You will realize that you have lost your true friend not time.  


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