this will take you to a whole new world

Salt Nails!


Salt nails it is fun and easy to do. with no nail art tools!

This is a really bad picture but i tried to do salt nails.  I think i did a bad job of doing it to but here is how to do it……..

First you need……

1. any color of nail polish

2. Salt

3.Nail polish remover

4.Cotton bud

5. top coat

Now this how you do it….

1.You pick a color and paint one coat on your nail.

2.let it all the away dry.

3.Then you put a top coat on your nail.

4. put salt on you nail

5. this step is really important.. if you don’t put a top coat on the polish and the salt will wash of when you wash your hands.

That’s the last step.

If you have cuts on your hand i don’t think you should do it because it hurts a lot. but if you really want to do it you put Vaseline around your nails for protection. If you have a habit of eating your cuticles you are likely to have cuts.

That’s it but i hope you have fun with the design. It is really easy to do and you can do it with any color!


Comments on: "Salt Nails!" (2)

  1. Must Have Boxes said:

    Love the sparkle!

    – KW

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