this will take you to a whole new world

you could really use any color but i just picked blue and purpleImage.

what you need…

1. you need any two colors ( i used blue and purple but it doesn’t matter)

2.Nail polish remover

3.cotton bud or a makeup brush

4. top coat

5. tape (don’t have to do this but i would do it on you left hand)

This is how you do it….

1. first you apply one coat of the blue( any color you use)

2. let it dry all the way

3.then put tape for a straight line

4. apply the purple on the top and let it dry a little before you take the tape up 

5. once the colors are all the way dry put a top coat on your nails

6. when it is dry put nail polish remover on a cotton bud or the makeup brush and clean around your nails if you  got any paint around it.

I know it looks long but it is simple and easy with no nail art tools. Its really easy and you can do it with any colors.


Comments on: "blue and purple french tips!!!" (4)

  1. Your nails looks nice. I do nailart with strong colors too, and use a clear nailpolish before the strong colors, then it keeps better and doesn’t color your nails bad.
    If you would like more ideas about nailart, you can check this website out:
    They have many good ideas in there.

    • thanks that’s a great help!! do you think i should keep on posting stuff about nails or farm stuff or both. in the photo i dont think i used tape to make it straight it was off hand with no tools

      • I think, that you post different interests, as you have. Soon you will find out, how many likes you get at your posts, and then find out, how you wish to continue your blog. I have tools for nailart, but often I only use the brush in the nailpolish. Up to what I want to do today.

      • so far the nail stuff is getting more likes but it is not going to stop me for posting stuff about my farm. i don’t have one of the tools all i have is a dotting tool and i have never used it. there is away to do a straight line with out a special tool. you just have to use tape or if it is a hasel it wont be a a great straight line.

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