this will take you to a whole new world

At night you have your hair wet and braid it.
you spray the sea salt spray on your braids and hair

What you need

A spray bottle
sea salt
hair spray
piece of paper to put it in the spray bottle or funnel
and in the video theirs option stuff

what to do:
1. get the bowl and put water in it
2. warm water in the microwave for 1 min
3. then put the salt in the water
4. stir it well so the salt is mixed in the optional step
6. use your funnel or paper to put sea water in the sprayer

how to use it:
if u have natural wavy hair you don’t need to put braids in and spray it
you braid your at night when it is wet and spray it and go to sleep with it


Like mother like Daughter

Bambi Jane!!


janeShe has a deer name but she is a goat!! she looks like a deer to just like her  mother!

See they both look like deer!! but as you would say MOTHER like DAUGHTER!


This is Daphne her mother. Daphne and Bambi look similar  though Bambi Jane is a little lighter they still look the same

Cherry Goat Cheese Clafoutis

The Garum Factory

Cherry Goat Cheese Clafoutis-2

I’m not a fan of cherry pie (too sweet).  How un-American is that?  You can practically hear George Washington grumbling as he rolls over in his grave.  Oh wait, George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, at least apocryphally.  Maybe he wasn’t a fan of cherry pie either.  Maybe if George had enjoyed a Cherry Goat Cheese Clafoutis once in awhile the father of the United States might have been depicted by contemporary artists looking as if he were actually pleased about it.  Clafoutis can cheer anyone up.  As a student without much money in the French-speaking part of Switzerland I would sometimes treat myself to a slice of a beautiful clafoutis displayed in a pastry shop window.  It was one of those dependable, not terribly expensive indulgences that made me feel comforted and sophisticated at the same time.  With one foot in the tart world and another in the…

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I have been doing my blog for a couple of months… and was  nominated to the Liebster Award!!!

Thank you Irene… check out her great blog to  irenedesign2011

screen-shot-2013-08-21-at-22-53-04 (1)

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
-each nominee must link back the person who nominated them. ☑
-Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator. ☑
-Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers. ☑
-Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer. ☑
-Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them. ☑

My answers for Irene’s questions:


       1. Why did you start blogging

I started to blog because my family started to blog and I thought it would be fun to post pictures of my animals. so I really don’t have a reason… I think it was for fun!!!

         2. What is the perfect vacation for you and why?

There is no perfect place with a name that i could say… The place has to have cute little birds.. the greenest place with beautiful flowers.. the place has to be relaxing!! That’s the main thing. Relaxing.. and Pretty!!

          3.  Are you creative and how?

I think i am very creative! I think of things that no one would and see.things differently.. i like to write and draw

           4. Are you satisfied with your life, as it is now?

Yes, i do things i enjoy and that’s all that maters! of course there is problems but everything you do you will always get problems!

5. Do you have dreams and what do you do to realize them?

Yes i do have dreams. usually when I do something and it is a reminder of the dream then I realize the dream.

 6. What does fashion means to you?

To me fashion shows who you are. That everyone is different and you get to know something about them just by their clothes.

7. Which kind of jewelry do you like and wear?

I love wearing earrings and necklaces and bracelets. so really i like any kind of jewelry that’s pretty.

8. Do you like animals and what kind?

Yes i love animals, i like all sorts of animals. I like goats, cows, horse, pigs, chickens, peacock, dogs, cats, deer , and any cute animals that i forgot.

9. What do you do to live healthy?

I milk the goats and eat fruits and I play a sport!!!

10. What is the perfect life for you?

doing things you love and stop to smell the flowers!

My nominees are:


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My Questions to you 

  1. Where is the perfect place to live?
  2. Whats your favorite book?
  3. What is your favorite piece of clothing?
  4. Whats your favorite flower?
  5. If you had one wish in the world what would it be?
  6. Whats your favorite animal or animals?
  7. Favorite piece of clothing?
  8. What is a pair of clothes that you would never wear?
  9. How do you usually do your hair?
  10. What is the perfect life to you?

Thanks again to Irene for her great help for learn more about blogging possibilities, and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Im done!!

Shut up and drink the water i’m done listening to the problems which we don’t have!! just enjoy the water………..

Meeting Time!!!!!

yea this water is good!!! now what needs to be fixed!

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