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A girl’s bestfriend

A girls bestfriend

this is my best friend ( as a dog) so my favorite dog. Not really my favorite dog she is more than that. She is my best friend. If i had to chose who my best friend out of ¬†all my friends it would Daisy.Her name is Daisy. she was from a puppy mill but she is so sweet and cute. I am really lucky that i have her. Daisy does remember a lot of things and she is of afraid of them. I still love her though. She could be a better friend than the ones you talk to like everyday. Want to know why? ( of course you do) Your dog is there when you need someone. if you need a person to cry on your dog is there. You can tell your dog anything and it won’t t get out to the world. If you need to talk about someone and you’re annoyed about something. YOUR DOG IS THERE WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND. Your dog is there more than your friends. This is most important part. Your dogs can’t doing anything behind your back and never tell anyone your secrets.

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