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Are you done yet I want some


What beggars I have here


When you were young

Cuties in the house

Daisy and little huckle. they are both really cute. Daisy is 3 years old and huckle is 7 years. When huckle is outside he doesn’t act like he is 7 years old. he acts like he is young again. you would love that feeling that you were young and not a care in the world. All you had to think about is you. not what someone thinks about you. When you were little you just did what you want or didn’t want without affecting others. Now everyone cares what other people think of you. WHO CARES just be yourself thats all if people don’t like who you are. You don’t need them. You can have someone who likes who you are really.


A girl’s bestfriend

A girls bestfriend

this is my best friend ( as a dog) so my favorite dog. Not really my favorite dog she is more than that. She is my best friend. If i had to chose who my best friend out of ¬†all my friends it would Daisy.Her name is Daisy. she was from a puppy mill but she is so sweet and cute. I am really lucky that i have her. Daisy does remember a lot of things and she is of afraid of them. I still love her though. She could be a better friend than the ones you talk to like everyday. Want to know why? ( of course you do) Your dog is there when you need someone. if you need a person to cry on your dog is there. You can tell your dog anything and it won’t t get out to the world. If you need to talk about someone and you’re annoyed about something. YOUR DOG IS THERE WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND. Your dog is there more than your friends. This is most important part. Your dogs can’t doing anything behind your back and never tell anyone your secrets.


getting all dolled up

getting all dolled up

awww Daisy is so cute!!!

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