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i love this picture of princess bean.


Baby chicks

This hen had six chicks but one of them had a messed up leg and the little mommy didnt want to take care of it. So it got rejected and it is really sad because it wasn’t moving. We had to put it down because it was in some much pain


Before Daphne had her baby she was acting weird and not very confrontable Why would you if you were carrying babies. She is really cute and a very good mother



Goat rejects book–or something like that.


Little bean


This is little bean. We have to bottle fed her. She won’t get enough milk. So I feel bad for her

Looks like there could be some babies!!!

My goats have been acting weird all day. I took them for a walk (yes a walk but not on a leash) I was walking them in their field and then daphne runs back to their home and didn’t want to come back out. Which is strange for her. We sat in the area where they were for hours still nothing but they have been laying down a lot and making these weird noises. They get up then back down all the signs but one. there is no stuff coming  out of the area. Hope they will have their babies soon. Now i have to go back out to watch those goats and don’t worry you will get to see them.




Here is “random” who is doing his job.

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