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Things matter, do they

If you don’t care. You won’t love and you will be alone forever. Do you want that? No you don’t no one does but it is your choices that make that. Don’t blame anyone else. Only you. When you get in a fight And you see the other person hurting. If it is your fault you should go up and sorry for the things you did. If you say sorry for the things you said you are free of saying sorry and they have to now. If they don’t and never do. Is it worth keeping them as a friend? If they can’t see you hurting. What’s the point. I think they see it but they don’t want to worry about it. So they keep blowing it off until you are gone and that’s when you wished you said sorry. After the first time it is just a mistake but I really don’t think there should be a first time for not saying sorry. You should live and learn from your mistakes but some people don’t. You think they would care but no. After awhile people will stop trying and one after one you seeing them leaving. You can’t do anything to stop them because they are to stubborn too. They all give up. All is left is her to clean up the mess she made. Would she just leave it there and not try at all or would she try but she doesn’t know how. She doesn’t want anyone to care about her and she doesn’t care. I think it is better to care too much than not at all.


I look good in everything

You Know if you can’t be truthful to someone and they ask us this pretty and if you say no they get all mad. Is better to lie to them? They walk around with a bad hair. I don’t get it if you don’t want anyone to say it doesn’t look good don’t say anything about it. If you work really hard on it and then your boss doesn’t like it. Are you just going to keep on quitting until you have a boss that lies to you. If people don’t say they don’t like it. You won’t learn or grow. You will just stay in one place and you won’t move. When it is on you like act like why are you getting mad and I didn’t ask but i don’t get mad. It is annoying when someone thinks they look good in everything. Hair color all clothes all. That just make you full of yourself so one someone says they don’t like it is because of that. They are full of there self



A girl’s bestfriend

A girls bestfriend

this is my best friend ( as a dog) so my favorite dog. Not really my favorite dog she is more than that. She is my best friend. If i had to chose who my best friend out of ¬†all my friends it would Daisy.Her name is Daisy. she was from a puppy mill but she is so sweet and cute. I am really lucky that i have her. Daisy does remember a lot of things and she is of afraid of them. I still love her though. She could be a better friend than the ones you talk to like everyday. Want to know why? ( of course you do) Your dog is there when you need someone. if you need a person to cry on your dog is there. You can tell your dog anything and it won’t t get out to the world. If you need to talk about someone and you’re annoyed about something. YOUR DOG IS THERE WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND. Your dog is there more than your friends. This is most important part. Your dogs can’t doing anything behind your back and never tell anyone your secrets.

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