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Like mother like Daughter

Bambi Jane!!


janeShe has a deer name but she is a goat!! she looks like a deer to just like her  mother!

See they both look like deer!! but as you would say MOTHER like DAUGHTER!


This is Daphne her mother. Daphne and Bambi look similar  though Bambi Jane is a little lighter they still look the same


The princess


She is no fairly tale princess!!! She is the Princess of the goats!!

All hail Princess Bean!!

I want food now!!! I don’t go that far in the grass!!



i love this picture of princess bean.


A few days ago we had a baby goat. Pixie rejected him. When Mikey came out pixie gave a horrible look to the baby. She wouldn’t let Mikey nurse off her but now we get to bottle fed him (YEA) Mikey hangs out with the other baby goats so he will know how to act like a goat. He is so cute. When I go to the house he follows you because I think it is that he thinks i am his mother. It is so cute

Goat rejects book–or something like that.

The other baby goat

Pixie just had her baby. Today she had one boy. He is really cute too


AWWWW so cute


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