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Nail Tips for Water Marble Nails

When you are doing Water Marble Nails…..

Make sure you don’t drop the nail polish

in the water to far or this will happen

It would go all the way to the bottom of the bowl…


and stay there…..

When you are going to drop the nail polish in the water

make sure the tops are loose so you can

just pick them up and just drop the nail

polish in the water


Also you could use other things but tape

  1. cuticle oil
  2. petroleum jelly
  3. Elmer’s glue


 in all off these you have to put it around you nail so the nail polish wont get on your skin…

images-3 images-2

Those are two that you could use i have never used it but if you did comment below if it works

you just out around your nail like in the photo of the glue…

So when  i told you how to do the water marble nails i don’t think i was so good on the details so i am going to fix it up here

when you put the nail polish in the water and repeat in should look like


when you are putting the tape on it is similar to the glue but this is what is looks like

water marble tape finger

here are the steps to do water marble again


now this is the ending look

PackAPunchPolish : Star Burst Water Marble Nail Art

(i did not do this one) i wanted to show that it will look different every time because you will never put the same design in the nail polish in the water

I hope this helped you get better at water marble nails!!!!!! 🙂


All i am saying is that people get what they dont need

All i am saying is that people get what they dont need

When you were little did you want something that bad but you couldn’t have. you begged your Parents. Mommy and Daddy can i have that doll and that Dog. When they say no you just can’t take it and go pout. you don’t ever need this stuff but somehow they always get them. Is it the complaining or is it just that the kid is so cute that you can’t say no? Who knows what they think. then the next day you dont need or did you ever need it. You begged and begged for it but then you get bored the next day with the toy. Is it that they know they will get a new toy? it is that they dont care what they do to the toy? is it that they know they are spoiled brats? When you are adults and you are raised like that. you get the new Iphone but the next time a new iphone. you just have to get it. you just want and want but one time that is going to get you in trouble. this time if you don’t have the money it is your faught. Not your kids. do you really know what that difference between need and want. I think most people don’t. they just take it and take it but don’t know what is going to hit them later.


Little bean


This is little bean. We have to bottle fed her. She won’t get enough milk. So I feel bad for her

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