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The gateway

The door is open
But I can’t get through
I speak
But no one can hear me
I see everything
But no one can see me
I am waiting and
Waiting for the door
To open
When I try to speak
Nothing comes out
Just air
I can hear everything
But no one hears me
I just listen and
Wait for the door
To open
For someone to
Let me in
And let me feel the warmth
Of someone
I bang on the door
Let me in
Let me in
To me this will
Mean the world to me
Just help me out
Listen to me
Speak to me
And open the door
I want to felt wanted
I don’t want
To be shut out
All the way
Some people still care
It would mean
The world to me
For someone to
Let you in
Door door talk
To me
Let me see the world
Let me in so I can live my life
I don’t want to be here
For my life
What did I do to be in this
I will wait and watch
Until that door opens
For someone to talk




AWWWW so cute



Little bean


This is little bean. We have to bottle fed her. She won’t get enough milk. So I feel bad for her


A girl’s bestfriend

A girls bestfriend

this is my best friend ( as a dog) so my favorite dog. Not really my favorite dog she is more than that. She is my best friend. If i had to chose who my best friend out of ¬†all my friends it would Daisy.Her name is Daisy. she was from a puppy mill but she is so sweet and cute. I am really lucky that i have her. Daisy does remember a lot of things and she is of afraid of them. I still love her though. She could be a better friend than the ones you talk to like everyday. Want to know why? ( of course you do) Your dog is there when you need someone. if you need a person to cry on your dog is there. You can tell your dog anything and it won’t t get out to the world. If you need to talk about someone and you’re annoyed about something. YOUR DOG IS THERE WHEN YOU NEED A FRIEND. Your dog is there more than your friends. This is most important part. Your dogs can’t doing anything behind your back and never tell anyone your secrets.


getting all dolled up

getting all dolled up

awww Daisy is so cute!!!

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