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A few days ago we had a baby goat. Pixie rejected him. When Mikey came out pixie gave a horrible look to the baby. She wouldn’t let Mikey nurse off her but now we get to bottle fed him (YEA) Mikey hangs out with the other baby goats so he will know how to act like a goat. He is so cute. When I go to the house he follows you because I think it is that he thinks i am his mother. It is so cute


The other baby goat

Pixie just had her baby. Today she had one boy. He is really cute too

baby goats are here

Daphne is the only one who had two baby goats. Hopefully today pixie will have her baby. it was hard to watch because it was her first time so she had some trouble. Daphne had two baby girls. the first one took 30 minutes to come out the other justed popped out. they are really cute. one is black with some white. the other is brown/tan. now i have to go back out to watch those baby goats.

Looks like there could be some babies!!!

My goats have been acting weird all day. I took them for a walk (yes a walk but not on a leash) I was walking them in their field and then daphne runs back to their home and didn’t want to come back out. Which is strange for her. We sat in the area where they were for hours still nothing but they have been laying down a lot and making these weird noises. They get up then back down all the signs but one. there is no stuff coming  out of the area. Hope they will have their babies soon. Now i have to go back out to watch those goats and don’t worry you will get to see them.

Waiting and waiting

Today i was outside waiting for my Goats to have there babies. one was due today and the other yesterday. so one of them is late. i just want to see those babies goats. I dont want to wait anymore but i don’t want them to have the baby during the night. It will be so cute to hold the baby goats and hold them for a very long time. I am going to keep the babies with its mother for about 2 weeks or but who knows they could be too cute to stay away.




The black one is Pixie and she is going to have a baby.
The brown one is Daphne and she is going to have a baby too.
The last one is Sunshine and she can’t have anymore babies. The last time she had a baby she could’ve died. so now she is more of a pet. I think of it as showing the way of the other goats

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