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Roster and the chicken

Roster and the chicken

“Help said the chicken. there is a fox after me. i want to be saved HELP” the Roster runs after the chick and saves the chicken. ” next time the fox comes I will be ready.” said the roster the next day the fox doesn’t come. She Roster will wait. All of the other chickens said “Come and have fun. Help us look for bugs.” The roster said no. The chicken who got saved said nothing. She was honored that the roster saved her. After a week has gone pass. The other chickens push her to say “Come on stop waiting. I am fine.” She sighed does she want to have her self or tell the roster to have fun. So she can have fun too. The next day she goes up to the roster and said ” Go have fun I am sick of waiting. You need to have fun, not just waiting for a fox to come. I am fine but i want to be fine to.” this touches the roster and he gets up. The fox never came back again.

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